Information Newsletter “Integration of refugees in Bulgaria: Opportunities for development”  for the period January – March 2021

We present you the 5th issue of the Information Newsletter “Integration of refugees in Bulgaria”  for the period January – March 2021

The issue contains the following information:

*The integration of refugees as an opportunity for development – the meaning of the integration

*Presenting the New UNHCR Representative in Bulgaria

*Overview of the integration of refugees in Bulgaria in 2020 – successes and challenges in the background of the pandemic

*Sofia – City of tolerance. Student internships in refugee assisting NGOs

* Digital Students Lab – the new platform presenting students articles and translations on refugee related topics developed during their internships

* The COVID-19 vaccination campaign and the refugees

*Refugee Compass: The new web app for online consultations on refugee integration and access to rights

*SOS COVID-19 Emergency Information for Refugees – Manual for information on, and prevention of COVID-19

*Empowering Business Community – a new initiative for development of business community supportive of refugees

*International training session by the BCCI on refugee and migrant integration on the labour market

*Refugee from Yemen supports Bulgarian family in need

*The story of Linda and Freddy – to give and get support

*The International Experience on Integration: Analysis of the Refugee Integration in V4

* The international expertise: Housing Solutions in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

*Inclusion of migrants in the labor market and the UNDP programme for sustainable development


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