Digital Skills Resources for Refugees

Refugee digital skills play an important role in facilitating seamless integration into their host societies. In an increasingly digitized world, mastery of digital tools and technologies is not just a matter of convenience, but a basic necessity. Acquiring digital skills enables refugees to use online platforms, to access basic online services and to communicate effectively in a digital environment. What’s more, these skills open doors to education and job opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. Refugees’ digital skills lay the foundation for a more inclusive society.

Microsoft provides digital skills resources for refugees. These free learning resources and curricula have been created to help humanitarian organizations provide training that will help refugees gain digital literacy and computer science skills.


Fundamental understanding of technology

Digital literacy

The Digital Literacy Curriculum includes five courses that cover computer basics: using the Internet and productivity programs, security and privacy, and digital life. Learners have the essential skills to start working with confidence, be more productive and stay safe online.

Microsoft Office training

The Microsoft Office Learning Center offers online video tutorials so learners can progress at their own pace. This includes lessons on Microsoft Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and OneDrive to help learners improve their productivity skills.

Digital Art Workshop

In this two-hour workshop, learners create and share digital art using the Fresh app Paint for Windows 10.

Learn the basics of computer science

CS Unplugged

In a society constantly transformed by technology, the problem-solving and critical thinking skills gained through computer science education provide essential tools for innovation, pursuing in-demand jobs, and understanding the world.

CS fundamentals unplugged

List of all offline lessons to help teach the basics of computer science with or without a computer. Each activity can be used alone or with other computer science lessons for related concepts.

Coding and workshops

This two-hour coding workshop introduces computer programming using Collage Me . Introducing coding building blocks and coding functions.

Introductory Online Computer Science Courses

Hour of Code

Learners can explore and learn computer science concepts by trying out a coding class. A wide range of coding tutorials can be found on

Code Studio

Code Studio from offers over 20 hours of online content for learning computer science.

Resources for employment and entrepreneurial skills


Ta3mal provides career guidance, skills assessments and hundreds of online courses to build participants’ skills and match them to available jobs .

Employment Toolkit

The employment toolkit covers the following topics: writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, negotiating job offers, and starting a new job.

Building a business

The International Youth Foundation and its partners Microsoft, Manpower, Enablis and University of Stellenbosch have developed this course to introduce participants to the basic ideas, actions and skills needed to successfully start, run and grow a micro or small business.