Bulgarian language course for medical specialists

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees is organizing a free specialized Bulgarian language course for medical professionals from Ukraine. All persons with temporary protection who have a medical education are invited to join the course. Its aim will be to provide appropriate training for people to successfully pass the medical exam organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (Center for Assessment in Preschool and School Education). The course will be organized so that participants take the exam in mid-October 2022. UNHCR and its partners will assist in finding a suitable job after passing the exam.

The duration and format of the course activities (live or online) will be determined in an online meeting with the students according to their abilities and desires.

After successfully passing the exam, it could be included in the second stage of language training, which will support Ukrainian citizens in taking exams and in their respective medical specialties.

If you want to join the course, please fill out this registration form by July 4th.