Academic Bulletin “Refugees: Today and Tomorrow” 15/2023

The third issue of the academic bulletin “Refugees: today and tomorrow” for 2023 is a collection of knowledge from different fields of science. In a situation of increasing wars worldwide, the issue offers, on the one hand, analyses that trace conflicts leading to forced displacement, and, on the other, theoretical and legal aspects for the study and teaching of forced migrations, as well as of an applied nature. The geographical scope of the issue includes the Western Balkans, Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria. The first article is on the aftermath of the wars in the former Yugoslavia with a focus on the one in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its memories through the lens of children. The second article focuses on the development of the mid-September 2023 conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia with an emphasis on the challenges posed by the refugee wave to Armenia. The third article introduces a relatively new undergraduate course on international migrations that is being read to students in the “Economic Sociology and Psychology” program at the University of National and World Economy. The last article examines the right to data protection provided by all individuals in the European Union, including asylum seekers and protection beneficiaries.