Human trafficking: important information for Ukrainian citizens seeking protection in Bulgaria

Інформація доступна українською мовою



People fleeing areas of military conflict seeking protection in other countries are extremely vulnerable to involvement in human trafficking and exploitation.

Human trafficking is a serious crime against people, a serious violation of human rights and abuse of human dignity.

Human trafficking always involves the exploitation of victims in various forms:

  • sexual exploitation, including forced prostitution;
  • forced / compulsory labor;
  • slavery, forced obedience and similar practices;
  • removal of organs;
  • begging and other coercive criminal activities.

In Bulgaria, the use of services provided by victims of trafficking is a crime.

What to watch out for:

  • Do not disclose your identity documents to anyone other than government officials.
  • Do not show how much money you have and do not give your personal belongings, especially your mobile phone to others.
  • Always inform your loved ones about where you are and keep in touch with them if possible.
  • Be careful when arranging transport and accommodation.
  • When you are offered a job, research the offer and in case of doubt, contact the authorities.

In case of risk, seek help and call the following telephone numbers:

  • Single European Emergency Number: 112
  • National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings: + 359 2 807 80 50
  • National hotline against trafficking in human beings (Foundation Campaign A21 ): 0800 20 100
  • Hotline (Executive Agency “General Labor Inspectorate”): 0700 17 670
  • National telephone line for children (State Agency for Child Protection): 116 111

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