Second issue for 2023 of the Academic Bulletin “Refugees: Today and Tomorrow”

The second issue of the academic bulletin for 2023 presents research in two areas – integration of beneficiaries of international protection in Bulgaria with a focus on educational integration and the situation of beneficiaries of temporary protection displaced from Ukraine in Poland. The first article affirms the thesis of local government as a significant mediator and actor in the process of refugee integration in Bulgaria. The following two articles focus on educational integration, on the one hand, through the prism of the need to rethink teachers’ professional-pedagogical preparation in the context of refugee children’s educational integration through a competency-based approach, and the second, presenting two innovative educational practices (Dialogic Reading and Reading Friends) that would support refugee children in developing their educational achievement, sense of belonging and enhancing the well-being of all children. The last text provideс more information on measures concerning the reception and integration of displaced persons from Ukraine in Poland.


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